Ing Mayap a Balita Biblia
This translation, published by the Philippine Bible Society, was published in 1994.
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1 On the first day of the second month in the second year after the people of Israel left Egypt, the Lord spoke to Moses there in the Tent of his presence in the Sinai Desert. He said, 2 “You and Aaron are to take a census of the people of Israel by clans and families. List the names of all the men 3 twenty years old or older who are fit for military service.

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Genesis 1:1-3
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About Pampango Language

The Pampangan language, Pampangó, or Kapampangan [ˌkapamˈpaŋan], is one of the major languages of the Philippines. It is the language spoken in the province of Pampanga, the southern half of the province of Tarlac and the northern portion of the province of Bataan. Kapampangan is also understood in some barangays of Bulacan and Nueva Ecija and by the Aitas or Aeta of Zambales. The language was spelled Capampañgan and is also called Pampango, and in the Kapampangan language: Amanung Sisuan, meaning “the mother language”.
Part of the Bible was published for the first time in 1901.
The New Testament was first published in 1908.
The complete Bible was first published in 1915.

About Ing Mayap a Balita Biblia Translation

This dynamic version of the Bible has a contemporary translation. With larger fonts and easy to understand sentences, it is for Pampango readers of all ages. This edition has a hardbound cover.
Target readers: readers who want a contemporary version of the Bible in Pampango

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Pampanga Jail Bible Distribution

Bible distribution at Pampanga provincial Jail September 14 courtesy of Cbap GD Rey Avante and Phil. Bible Society

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